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All Prices Include GST

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         BASIC Hosting Package - $16.50 per quarter
Our BASIC Hosting Package includes:
* 50meg of Total Disk Space + 500Meg of Monthly Bandwidth
         BASIC Hosting Package - $60.50 per year
         GREEN Hosting Package - $11.00 per month
Our GREEN Hosting Package includes:
* 200meg of Total Disk Space + 2 Gig of Monthly Bandwidth
* 1x MySQL Database
         GREEN Hosting Package - $33.00 per quarter
         GREEN Hosting Package - $121.00 per year
         E-Commerce Hosting Package - $19.50 per month
Our E-Commerce Hosting Package includes:
* 500meg of Total Disk Space + 5Gig of Monthly Bandwidth
* Shopping Carts + 5x MySQL Databases
         E-Commerce Hosting Package - $58.50 per quarter
         E-Commerce Hosting Package - $214.50 per year
         Gold Hosting Package - $33.00 per month
Our Gold Hosting Package includes:
* 1GB of Total Disk Space + 10Gig of Monthly Bandwidth
* Full Power Tools + Un-Limited MySQL Databases
         Gold Hosting Package - $99.00 per quarter
         Gold Hosting Package - $363.00 per year
         Park / Land Domain Name - $0.00
Park on Top of Existing Domain Name:
* Must specify which name that this domain will sit on
* Only to be parked on domains that we Host for you !