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Aussienet Internet Services NSW
Our Servers are Located in Sydney Australia!
Being an Australian own Business, we strongly believe our hardware should also be located in Australia !
You will be amazed how many host have their servers in The U.S.! and never tell you !
Our Servers use to be in the Pipe Networks Tier 1 Data Centre, located in Brisbane, but now...
All our Australian Servers are located in the Equinix IBX Centre in Sydney, NSW, Australia.
The Equinix Data Centre provides Redundancy, Reliability, Stability & Performance !

And when we say performance - Australian based servers have the advantage of:
Pure Speed and Very Fast Connection Times !
Ever pinged an Australian Server and a U.S. Server ??
Ping times of an Australian Server average between 8-62 milli Seconds !
compared to the best U.S. Server averaging at 169+ milli Seconds - on the best day!!!
Why would you want your Web Site hosted overseas ??
Sydney's Equinix Data Centre Specifications:
* Equinix's Sydney site is a single story 6,900 square meters of Tier 1 data centre with 600mm raised floor system, grounded anti-static floor tiles and a floor to ceiling height of 4.1m.

* Equinix's Sydney Internet Business Exchange center is strategically located in Mascot, close to the Southern Cross cable and approx 8km's from Sydney's Central Business District.
* A total of 6000KVA of power supplied from the Electricity Distributor (Energy Australia grid) with multiply transformers for redundancy with fully automatic transfer switches.

* 2000KVA Uninterruptible Power Supplies backed by redundant feeds, and Caterpillar 4500KVA generator system in N+1 configuration, with 44 hours on-site fuel storage for full load operation.
* Premium bandwidth is provided by Telstra, MCI/Verizon, NTT/Verio.
This ensures exceptional performance, reliability & network Redundancy.

* Completely Cisco-based network equipment, including a Cisco PIX 520 Firewall, Cisco 7206VXR routers, and Cisco 2924 switches.

* DSX-1 cross-connect system for T1, ISDN-PRI connectivity.
* 24/7 Full Internal Staff & Support and Full Continuous Network Monitoring

* 24/7 Strict Physical Security Access with Swipe Card Only access + PinCode

* Climate Control Facilities with Redundant Air-Conditioners

* Advanced fire protection, including Very early Smoke Detection System